Alka-Shan's Kamloops ("Hex")
Historic Teams
Registration:  VDH/SHC 2002 2220
whelped: 2002-06-07, color: grey/blond, eye colors: blue/brown
size: 56 cm, racing weight: 20 kg, HD: A1, eyes: clear, Gonio 1 (2005)
Working Certificat: SA (2004/05), Show result: Excellent (2003), DNA-profiled



“Hex” is one of our most rugged females and an easy keeper. Always happy and selfconfident, never cold, she eats and drinks like a vacuum cleaner and needs only little food. She is long legged and has a fast lope, but needed some time to adjust to the first string’s trotting speed. She finished in Polardistans 2005 in the 6-dog team of our friend H.-J. Ebert in third place. In the season 2007/2008 Hexe became one of the mainstay team members and helped to win the unlimited MD World Championship in Asarna.

Hexe produced four litters overall, the V-litter, the Z-litter , the C-litter and the H-litter. She is a superb mother, supplying her seven pups with enough milk to make them gain 100 grams and more per day without loosing any substance herself. Now she retires from breedin.

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