Alka-Shan's Low-Limit
Historic Teams
Registration:  VDH/SHC 2003 2441
whelped: 2003-06-05, color: black/white, eye colors: blue
size: 60 cm, racing weight: 24 kg, HD: B1, eyes: clear, Gonio 1(2004)
Working Certificat: DO (2007/08), Show result: Excellent (2005), DNA-profiled


Limit was slowly working his way up into the first string. Kind of a late bloomer, he needed some time to build the muscles to power his body. Though being very fast, he lacked endurance in his first year. Always crazy to go, he first had to learn to take care of himself. In 2006 he was a solid team member at all MD-races. He has a powerful lope and an excellent trotting speed. In 2007 he became the fastest male in the team. He is also the dog with the most flexible spine in our kennel. Limit is a very personal dog, responsive and intelligent. Eating and drinking are ok. He is social in the kennel and friendly to people.

Limit excelled in the season 2008, never missing a training run or race and was in the team of the WSA-WC 2008. Since then he is a key dog in the racing team, which places regularly in the top. In 2011 the team stayed unbeaten in Sweden and got the Silver medal in the nordic breed class of the IFSS-WC Mid-distance in Hamar.

His first pups are now yearlings and tested in harness. We are happy to find out that he is able to pass on his effortless movement, great speed and work ethic. Lately he sired our G-litter.

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